Introduction to Maxwell Render

Don Semple

Level 1

1h 3m

Learn how to take any 3d model and make photo-realistic renderings that you can tune up, AFTER your rendering is done.

In this introduction to Maxwell Render, Don Semple walks through the tools you’ll need to create your first rendering.

First you’ll work through the interface and setting up the software. We’ll use Rhino for this course, but at the end show how you can achieve all of the same things in other software, like Revit for example.

Next, you’ll build the essential materials- one solid, one glass, one mapped, and one snagged from Maxwell Render’s own web-based library.  You will also see how Maxwell Fire allows you to real-time render your scene so you can quickly adjust your material and lighting settings on the fly.

Finally, you’ll set your lighting and cameras, and send your scene to render.  Don concludes by showing how once your rendering is ‘done’, Maxwell gives you controls that allow you to change lighting in your rendering AFTER you’re done.

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