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Alternatives for Building and Structural System

2m 28s

Jim Viviano of 5G Studio takes us through all phases of Gateway Center II.  He’ll talk about the structural system and materials used, as well as MEP and budgeting considerations. Additionally he will show an example of a RFI, and discuss submittals and revisions.

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But then below that, where the parking garage is, there's a requirement by the City of College Park that the parking be screened from the street, so we had to come up with some way of screening that but we also wanted the garage to be open air so that we didn't have to mechanically ventilate it, so we came up with a perforated metal panel system for the garage that both allows the air to move through it, it allows light, but it's about a 20% screen so that, even though you can see through it, it's hard if you're standing outside the garage to be able to see in and see the cars. So it met the requirement of being able to screen the garage from the street, but it also allowed for the parking to be open air, without us having to mechanically ventilate it.

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