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Assessing Spatial and Functional Relationships for the Building Program

7m 48s

Russell Buchanan of Buchanan Architecture walks us through the schematic design phase of his residential project in Crested Butte, CO.  He discusses the importance of capitalizing on views and solar orientation, and how they influenced the building layout. He also sketches out a bubble diagram to illustrate the spatial and functional relationships as well as the structural grid.

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The way we were thinking about this project is, we wanted to try to establish an area that had these great views of Mount Crested Butte, and we wanted to have areas that were going to look down towards the south. The other important consideration, through, is we've got a couple of functional components that we think are important that we try to incorporate within each project. A perfect example is, within the space here, we have defined it as a basically, a kitchen, a dining, and a living area.

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