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Assessing Staff Expertise Through Evaluations

1m 1s

Get an in-depth explanation of Practice Management with Lindsay Green and Alex Anamos of R&A in Culver City. They’ll talk through RFP’s, RFQ’s, and help give a better understanding of staff organization. Additionally, they will discuss how to avoid risk, handling quantity of work, and confidentiality requirements.

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The senior staff and senior leadership actually do get together probably once a month to evaluate and make sure we have people slated in the right areas, along with understanding our candidates' past experiences, because it really does influence where we place them as they come in. Once they're in and we've worked with them for a while, we then reevaluate multiple times like I said, quarterly and annually to make sure that they are placed properly. Most of our staff does come from multiple offices, whether it's large firms, small firms, residential firms, people who do mostly corporate.

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Duration: 16m