Breaking Down the Project Scope

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Learn specifics on Project Management with Matt Dumich of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill. He’ll walk you through how they handle team communication, cost estimates, and budget. Be taken inside how the firm tracks projects and keeps projects on schedule.

So, the first thing required to build a team, is to really understand the project scope. And today, I'm gonna talk to you about the Astana Expo, which we designed in 2015. We had 28 buildings of different types. And so, here is the finished project. And here is the diagram that we developed to kind of breakdown the scope into individual project elements. So, each color here, is a different project team. So, each of those teams has a design lead, a technical lead and then, a manager.

And I was the overall project manager for this project. So, on the orange team, for example, which is the International Pavilions, we had a design team leader. And they're responsible for really organizing the team. We start out working in Rhino, where we're really modeling and sculpting the buildings. And once we're happy with the design, we bring it into Revit. And everything is documented in Revit. So, our whole team is really facile in both platforms.

And the technical team, really is working on documenting the project, developing the details in Revit. But we're also studying things as the design develops through Rhino. And we're seamlessly kinda working between the platforms. So, there's a broad skillset on the team, depending on what phase that you're in. Early on, to lot of Rhino and a lot of conceptual work, a lot of graphics. And as the project develops, we bring in kind of more technical staff, to really develop the details and the systems and materials.

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