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Choosing the Structural System and Materials with Future Use in Mind

2m 47s

Paulina Wilkowski of Connect Architecture takes us through the preliminary and schematic design phase of a Tesla showroom and parking garage.  She will review the site plan and discuss the opportunities and constraints they faced. She will also discuss what attributes need to be added to the site, as well as the building layout.

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If the building changes use to an office tenant in the future and the perforated siding can be removed, the walls can be infilled and you would have a kind of floor to floor that still is good for office use or commercial retail use. Another element here is that the city requires us to provide an amenity space within the parking garage, so whether it's small retail space for coffee or a bike changing station, those kinds of uses would require higher, taller ceilings. So we tried to go with the most thin and efficient system that would allow us to have that tall floor to floor for future change of use.

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