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Communicating Issues and Shared Risk Factor

2m 1s

Eric Balogh of The Beck Group talks about the architect’s role during construction & evaluation at the Peachtree Center project in Georgia. He’ll explain RFI’s, submittals, quality assurance & quality control, site visits, and field reports. Get information on the revision process, payout process, and a better understanding of the Punch List process.

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You have to remember that in the construction phase, the architect is not necessarily loyal to the owner or the contractor, they are loyal to the contract documents, so there are times where you make mistakes, and you need to be able to communicate that to the owner, particularly in this project being a renovation, there are a lot of issues, things that you miss, things that aren't quite the way you expected it or details that don't quite work out and I personally believe that it's important to be open and transparent with the owner and just say hey, this is something that we missed, we have a solution in mind, this is the solution, and make sure that you're kinda being honest. 'Cause I feel like that'll help your relationship during this process. The other side of it is sometimes, you know, the contractor makes mistakes.

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