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Communication Tools

2m 11s

Learn specifics on Project Management with Matt Dumich of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill. He’ll walk you through how they handle team communication, cost estimates, and budget. Be taken inside how the firm tracks projects and keeps projects on schedule.

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And then, of course we're always connected to our phones, so as the project manager I'm talking to the clients on the phone, or emailing back and forth daily if not more often, and so, that communication is critical and that's really kind of informal communication, kind of, ad-hoc, but we also have design workshops where the entire team gets together to meet the client and consultants, and during those times, we are recording those meetings with meeting minutes and tracking the actions and it's critical to understand the key actions that come out of the meeting, or directions that the client gave you. Very often we're referring back to the meeting minutes when, something may change or there's a conflicting request, you wanna show when a certain decision was made and documented, so the meeting minutes are critical. And, you know, communication, again, is graphic, and drawn, so we're making sure that all of our drawings and presentations are clear and speak for themselves.

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