Connection to Neighboring Parks


Jon Bailey of HKS - Dallas walks through the Pacific Plaza Park Pavillion the team is working on. He’ll talk structural systems & materials and design iterations. You’ll be walked through how they handled site specific opportunities and site analysis for this public space project.

So running adjacent to the Pacific Plaza Park is a street called Harwood. This street actually connects Pacific Plaza to several other parks within downtown, starting to the north with Klyde Warren Park, which is actually one of our newest deck parks that was build over the interstate. And so Harwood connects all the way from Klyde Warren Park all the way south to the farmers' market. It also runs into Main Street Garden. And so along Harwood, you actually have a string of parks that you'll be able to walk to. There's actually future plans by several local developers to add a least a lane of Harwood for biking and walking to make it more pedestrian friendly so that you can make your way all the way on a Saturday or a Sunday with your family from Klyde Warren Park all the way to the Farmers' District down south.

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Duration: 23m