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Considering the Site Constraints as they Relate to the Clients Needs

1m 27s

Paulina Wilkowski of Connect Architecture takes us through the preliminary and schematic design phase of a Tesla showroom and parking garage.  She will review the site plan and discuss the opportunities and constraints they faced. She will also discuss what attributes need to be added to the site, as well as the building layout.

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The client wanted you to be able to enter from McAdam, which is high street here, and ramp down within the building down to Moody Street, which is back here, and given the grades, and the kind of ramping that you can do, and the limitations on percentage of ramping, becomes a challenge, in terms of how much program you can fit, what your floor to floor heights might be, and how you actually enter and exit the site. The other issue is that this street, McAdam, is really high-traffic street, it's kind of used as a highway, although it's not supposed to be, but that's how the cars move on it. And so, having a curb cut off of this, and the directionality that cars come in and out of the curve are an issue in trying to figure out the best flow into and out of the building.

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