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ARE 5.0 Programming & Analysis Exam Prep

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Construction Schedule Example

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In this ARE 5.0 Programming and Analysis Exam Prep course you will learn about the topics covered in the ARE 5.0 PA exam division. A complete and comprehensive curriculum, this course will touch on each of the NCARB objectives for the ARE 5.0 Programming and Analysis Exam.

Instructor Mike Newman will discuss issues related to programming, site analysis, and zoning & code requirements.

When you are done with this course, you will have a thorough understanding of the content covered in the ARE 5.0 Programming and Analysis Exam including project type analysis, the establishment of qualitative and quantitative project requirements, evaluation of project site and context, and assessment of economic issues.

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So each of these things, there's a sort of art to it about understanding, I wanna keep it really tight, but I also wanna be realistic and know that it's likely to rain in May, the inspectors are gonna be busy in the middle of July and are gonna be hard to get to come out to the project so we need to build in some time when people are doing other work, not just the work that needs to be inspected. So this process is really an artful process of having some experience, understanding how it goes, building in those little extra bits, but then being realistic and real about how many days does each of these different moments have to happen. And you'll notice that a lot of these things start with, for example, with the electrical you might have the temporary and then maybe you've got some rough in that is early on and that's getting the underground conduit from the transformer over towards the building and then as we go along after framing has started, now we're roughing in the conduit, or some other sort of base rough in aspect before we really get all the wiring in.

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ARE 5.0 Programming & Analysis Exam Prep

Duration: 19h 56m

Author: Mike Newman