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ARE 5.0 Project Development & Documentation Exam Prep

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Conveying System Issues - Lifts

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In this ARE 5.0 NCARB-approved Project Development and Documentation Exam Prep course you will learn about the topics covered in the ARE 5.0 PDD exam division. A complete and comprehensive curriculum, this course will touch on each of the NCARB objectives for the ARE 5.0 Project Development and Documentation Exam.

Instructor Mike Newman will discuss issues related to the development of design concepts, the evaluation of materials and technologies, selection of appropriate construction techniques, and appropriate construction documentation.

When you are done with this course, you will have a thorough understanding of the content covered in the ARE 5.0 Project Development and Documentation Exam including integration of civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and specialty systems into overall project design and documentation.

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The LULA is a bit more complicated, a little bit more robust, it's likely to be three stops, it's likely to have a distance of about maybe up to about 20 possibly a little higher than 20 feet of total travel distance range, so it's gonna go a little farther, it's gonna have a little bit more capacity, it's more like getting into a little cab like a regular elevator, but it's limited in the distance it'll go, and it's limited in how many people it can carry, and it's limited in its expectation and use, and so it's not a very robust system. But, for the right situation, when you really need to have accessibility or to be able to get materials from one level to another, the lifts and the LULAs can really make a lot of sense. In general, you don't need a shaft for either of these.

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ARE 5.0 Project Development & Documentation Exam Prep

Duration: 36h 46m

Author: Mike Newman