Coordinating Mechanical Systems

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Matt Burns of Ed Vance and Associates explains the design development phase of the Two Summerlin Office Building in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He explains how the neighborhood impacted the building design, as well as the structural system and materials used. He also takes us inside the building and explains the interior finish package.

This is the first-floor plan, and we have your entry here on the east side with a common corridor. One thing to note is that we're just doing a core and shell on this project, so we're doing all the common corridors, the mechanical rooms, electrical rooms, stair cores, and the restrooms. The rest of the space that you see here that's all shaded out will be done by the tenants and their contractors, and they'll be built out as the spaces are leased up. Because this is a high rise in Clark County, we're required to have emergency electrical room, a fire command room, and a fire riser room all on the south side of the building.

Just outside this room there's the emergency generator as well as the main switch gear for the building that comes in. Every single floor has an electrical room, two stairs, a common restroom, two passenger elevators, and a freight elevator. One of the things we did with the freight elevator is we have it opening from the front and the back so that as there's maintenance done on one of the passenger elevators, they can bring it online and use it as kind of a backup.

You'll notice the mechanical room here has the VAV in it, and if I go to the roof plan, so where the rest of the mechanical system is located, there's two cooling towers, some fans, and the heat exchanger is located on the roof. With the bulk of the mechanical system being located on the roof, we had to coordinate with the mechanical engineer to bring all the shafts into the building as well as some of the exhaust shafts for the smoke purge, and those are what you're seeing here along the stairs.

Not only do we have to coordinate with the mechanical engineer but also with the structural engineer for all the penetrations in the building.

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