CoPlanar Faces

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In this course, David Tracy will show you how to use Unity as an interactive architectural visualization tool.

First you will learn interfacing with Unity and how to import and export your project within Rhino and SketchUp. Then, you will learn how to use shaders, materials, textures, and lighting for your project. Finally, you will learn how to create scripts to enable you to interact with your scene.

When you are done with this course, you'll know how to navigate Unity to start building your own interactive walkthroughs and visualizations.

Another thing you wanna watch out for when you're preparing your model for export into Unity is coplanar faces. You've likely encountered coplanar faces before in Rhino of SketchUp of 3DS Max. But that's what a coplanar surface is, is when you have multiple surfaces that are planar and overlapping. So this can cause some weird rendering issues so if I select set these objects to rendered and let's apply a material to one of these guys and just apply texture here.

Desktop, textures. Let's just apply this carpet normal texture. You can see there's some weird some weird tearing and overlapping going on with my surfaces. So this important to remember that if you do have coplanar faces. Unity is gonna have problems rendering them too. So it's always good if you have let's say a floor finish on a surface and that's directly on top of a floor structure.

It's always good to move that structure a little bit or to make sure that the portions of that finished surface are trimmed away from the structure. So that you don't end up with this kind of glitchy looking coplanar surface. Okay, so one of the ways you can handle this is by trimming the surface away. So let's just do this so we can trim this surface.

So now we have a surface that is trimmed around this guy. Or, if you have an element like let's say a carpet that actually has some thickness to it. Some pile thickness or some pile height, you can move that object up just a fraction of an inch and that generally will alleviate those issues of coplanar tearing in rendering.

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