Determining Deliverables and Level of Detail

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Learn specifics on Project Management with Matt Dumich of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill. He’ll walk you through how they handle team communication, cost estimates, and budget. Be taken inside how the firm tracks projects and keeps projects on schedule.

When you're really negotiating your agreement, you often will use benchmark documents from a previous project to demonstrate the level of detail that you would typically provide. There are also checklists through AIA that lists kind of typical deliverables by phase, which are helpful reference. Actually, in some contracts, we've attached them as appendices to the agreement to show this is really a deliverables list that's been blessed by the AIA as kind of an industry standard level of development for project.

And really coming to that understanding for how much is done is critical. We have a certain understanding of what CDs are, what level of details CDs are in North America. Which is different if you're working in Europe or the Middle East or in China. So it's critical to sort that out and often even bring those samples to review with the client. What level your CDs are, communicate that. Now that conversation is also important as it relates to BIM models and we work in Levit and the clients have been asking us to do more and more level of detail in our BIM models and now there's lots of documentation through AIA and other sources to really identify specifically to what level of detail all the model elements will be in your model because now clients and contractors are starting to use those models.

So it's not just the paper documents now, it's also the digital information or digital models as well.

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