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Determining the Level of Detail Needed and Addressing Changes

3m 33s

Matt Burns of Ed Vance and Associates explains the design development phase of the Two Summerlin Office Building in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He explains how the neighborhood impacted the building design, as well as the structural system and materials used. He also takes us inside the building and explains the interior finish package.

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This canopy is a little bit, not terribly complicated, but there's a light fixture in it, there's also a gutter in the back so that the canopy slopes back towards the building, instead of off the front so water's not dripping on you as you're walking into the building. There's a couple of exposed channels around this, every one of these areas is blown up even further to show the details in greater depth. For instance, the sheet metal gutter that's at the back and how it drops down into the drain and then how that drain follows down the side of the column and then daylights out the side of the building to make it really clean as possible.

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