Different Types of Owner Architect Agreements

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Jon Hall of GGLO walks through specific examples of Project Management. He’ll show us a project schedule, project work plan, and a construction budget. He will also explain how to handle change in scope and scope creep.

The types of owner-architect agreements we often use, again they range, depending on the scope and scale of the project. For a smaller project, we may use a letter of agreement, like this which is just sort of a letter describing the scope of work, describing the schedule, and describing the fee. Usually for smaller projects, that's what we'll do or for the first phases of a project that's just getting underway. As we move into the larger projects, we may use an AIA agreement, like this, this a B109 for a multi-family project.

This is for again, for larger projects, more complex and with more risk and more liability for those types of projects. Sometimes we'll also partner with contractors for Design-Build Agreements, the DBIA contracts are something that we also use. Generally, we'll start out with a draft of these contracts, our team will develop them based on our past experience and then we'll deliver them to the owner.

They will often then make comments that they may have, they may review that with their legal team, come back with additional input and then once we have a semi-final version we'll review that with our legal team just to make sure that everything matches up with our insurance requirements, matches up with our liability and all of our risk is appropriately covered and then we'll issue a final that's signed by the owner and signed by the architect and we move on to documentation.

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