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HKS Chicago - Prince Sattam University Hospital

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Ensuring Programmatic Requirements Are Met

2m 38s

Jorge Barrero of HKS takes us through the schematic design phase of Prince Sattam University teaching hospital in Al-Karj, Saudi Arabia.  He will explain how the economical and cultural conditions in Saudi Arabia influenced the building’s design. Additionally he will talk about the building program, budget, and materials used.  

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So these, there is a lot of time spent working closely with the client who was the dean of the architecture school in addition with the doctors who are the professors and understanding how they are going to be teaching and working with the students to make the program work for them. And really moving the blocks of many, many rooms. The adjacencies are super, super critical and there was a lot of time spent identifying every single one of them to make sure that everything sort of worked together.

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HKS Chicago - Prince Sattam University Hospital

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