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Example of a RFI

2m 49s

Jim Viviano of 5G Studio takes us through all phases of Gateway Center II.  He’ll talk about the structural system and materials used, as well as MEP and budgeting considerations. Additionally he will show an example of a RFI, and discuss submittals and revisions.

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When we cut that hole through that metal panel and put a duct through there, an exhaust duct through there, how do you want us to trim out that opening of where that duct goes through? So, this is the drawing that we produced. It's a section, it shows the exhaust shaft penetrating this perforated, corrugated metal panel, and so, we came back and we said, okay, we want you to add these metal angles, these steel angles, paint them to match the metal panel around the opening, and then that will then protect and secure that metal panel and the hood of the duct work as it comes through the wall.

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Duration: 49m