Gateway Center’s Mechanical System

1m 17s

Jim Viviano of 5G Studio takes us through all phases of Gateway Center II.  He’ll talk about the structural system and materials used, as well as MEP and budgeting considerations. Additionally he will show an example of a RFI, and discuss submittals and revisions.

The mechanical system is a system that everything is placed up on the roof and then we're ducting down into the floors below so we were able to save floor area, like I said earlier, without having to put that on the floor of the office. What this is showing is that there is a shaft which brings down the main trunk of conditioned air and then that's distributed out to VAV boxes, which then distribute that air to smaller zones across the floor. I believe this is four different zones for this particular floor and that's based on there will be multiple tenants on this floor so there will be walls separating one tenant from the next so those VAV boxes are placed there to be able to supply those individual tenants.

Obviously some people like it colder, some people like it warmer, that gives them flexibility to the system without having to change anything about the air that's actually coming down through the roof. The VAV box makes that supplemental change in either heating or cooling the air to the correct temperature.

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