Handling EIFS Movement


Sara Beardsley of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill takes you inside the Willow Creek Community Church, a 72,000 square foot worship facility in Illinois. She’ll walk you through how the team is using EIFS amongst other specifics. Watch along as animations bring her explanations of joists, trusses, and columns to life.   

There's two issues with placing the joint of the EIFS. So if you have any type of a movement joint in the material below the EIFS, you have to put that joint in the EIFS. The other reason you put joints is they need to apply it wet, and if they have too large of an area, and if the EIFS starts to get too dry, then the workers can't apply it fast enough to make the EIFS all work uniformly and get a good look to it when they're finished.

So you have to put a joint every so often basically so the workers have a stopping point.

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