HKS Introduction by Jorge Barrero


Jorge Barrero of HKS takes us through the schematic design phase of Prince Sattam University teaching hospital in Al-Karj, Saudi Arabia.  He will explain how the economical and cultural conditions in Saudi Arabia influenced the building’s design. Additionally he will talk about the building program, budget, and materials used.  

Hi, my name's Jorge Barrero. I am a senior designer and vice president at HKS Chicago. Today we're gonna talk about a project located in Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia. It's south of Riyadh, which is the capital of Saudi. It is a teaching hospital for Prince Sattam University, and it's comprised of 300 beds, as well as admin facilities, auditorium facilities and an emergency room facility.

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From the course:
HKS Chicago - Prince Sattam University Hospital

Duration: 34m