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HKS Chicago - Prince Sattam University Hospital

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How the Availability of Materials Determined the Structural System

3m 10s

Jorge Barrero of HKS takes us through the schematic design phase of Prince Sattam University teaching hospital in Al-Karj, Saudi Arabia.  He will explain how the economical and cultural conditions in Saudi Arabia influenced the building’s design. Additionally he will talk about the building program, budget, and materials used.  

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We considered steel early on for the main structural system but it was very quickly ruled out primarily because of just the raw materials are not in Saudi to make steel and so most of the steel that goes into buildings in the Middle East is imported from other parts of the world so it definitely carries a high premium. The downside to not using steel you know, it really has to do with flexibility. More often than not you know, the workmanship on the concrete, it's not great so a lot of times your structural systems have to be concealed and a lot of times without this added cost to go high strength these systems can be very large.

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HKS Chicago - Prince Sattam University Hospital

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