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Importance of Cost Estimation During Preconstruction

4m 9s

Eric Balogh of The Beck Group talks about the architect’s role during construction & evaluation at the Peachtree Center project in Georgia. He’ll explain RFI’s, submittals, quality assurance & quality control, site visits, and field reports. Get information on the revision process, payout process, and a better understanding of the Punch List process.

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That's kind of a very big part, sort of the earlier design process, but also sort of right before you go into construction, you are supposed to provide a cost estimate of the work to the owner, and there have been cases where, me personally, have gone into a bid situation not with the Beck Group, with a previous company, and unfortunately, we were wrong. A bid day nightmare happened to me. You open the envelopes, and we were unfortunately over budget, and that's kind of a tough situation to be in 'cause the owner can either, A, accept the over-budget price, they can throw it away and rebid it, or they can actually make you change it and get it in-budget for free.

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