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Incorporating Multiple Specialty Systems

4m 49s

George Tracy of Tracy Design Studio walks us through the West University Baptist Church Youth Ministry Building in Houston Texas. He explains how the neighborhood impacted the project and why they had to get a zoning exception and a zoning variances. He also discusses which building systems were chosen with the goal of achieving LEED certification.  

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And the high schoolers have a lower level assembly and a upper level education, so you did not have assembly over assembly and you always had segregation in the middle and the high school so that when somebody was making racket in the middle school in the assembly, the only people that would be impacted would be people down in the middle school education, which is not, they're not occupied at the same time. So acoustics were important primarily between the middle and the high schoolers and that's done by the core, the circular core on the inside, is how we segregated that. Now to the outside we had to convince the authorities when we went for the zoning exception, that we were not going to be blaring away our neighbors at nine or ten o'clock on a Sunday morning, and when I say blaring away I mean these kids get in here and they crank it out, so I mean it's loud and as a result, we needed heavy materials on the outside as good as possible to rain in the migration of noise from the interior to the exterior.

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