Jones Pierce Architects Introduction by Cooper Pierce


Cooper Pierce of Jones Pierce Architects explains the extensive zoning process for the project Villa De Grip in Atlanta.  He begins by giving the zoning history of the site, and walks through the rezoning process. He also talks about zoning overlays and how local requirements impacted the building design.  

Hi, I'm Cooper Pierce. I'm Principal at Jones Pierce Architects here in Atlanta, Georgia. Today we're going to be talking about a project that we've worked on called Villa de Grip. It is an existing warehouse in a historic neighborhood called Inman Park. It was zoned on RG2 multi-family Zoning in a block that was industrial and commercial. And we were rezoning this to commercial use. This was part of the Comprehensive Development Plan for Mixed-Use.

And we'll talk about what we had to do to get this rezoned.

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Duration: 36m