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Laying Out Building Program Based on Client Requirements

6m 6s

Paulina Wilkowski of Connect Architecture takes us through the preliminary and schematic design phase of a Tesla showroom and parking garage.  She will review the site plan and discuss the opportunities and constraints they faced. She will also discuss what attributes need to be added to the site, as well as the building layout.

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So, the automaker said, "Hey, we need like 5,000 square feet of a showroom "and actually, since we're servicing the cars down the road, "it would be really great to be able "to have a stock of cars parked next to the showroom "that we can kind of circulate through the showroom." In addition, the owner saw the opportunity that if we are going to develop essentially a parking garage and a showroom for this automaker, might as well have some parking provided for general use, so the workers, et cetera. So, it becomes kind of a mixed program in that there will be a showroom, offices, special parking for the automaker and then parking for the general public. So, our first plans really are determined and driven by the footprint of the parking and the requirement for what the stalls are, the isles, the drive turn radius.

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