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Looking at the Orientation and Views

1m 10s

Paul Bierman-Lytle, a professor at Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis, walks us through the Dandelion Fountain Enclosure Project his 3rd year Architecture students are working on.  The goal of the project was to provide an enclosure for the notable Dandelion Fountain, as well as optimize the views in the park.  He discusses the site and climate constraints as well as the historical and economic value of the site.

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Hello, where I'm standing right now is where once we've evaluated the site conditions in the neighborhood, this particular site is higher elevation where the fountain is right now and we basically can analyze the different views that we'll be able to develop an orientation point for the fountain. So behind me you'll probably see the pond which is a direct view down to the beautiful pastureland down there and then to my left you'll see the chapel tower and then on the far right if we start pruning some trees we'll be able to see the other Basilica Cathedral and a nice avenue, which a lot of people actually use this pathway to come here. And behind you over on this direction another college of technology so this would be an access to that corner of the park.

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