Materials on the Exterior of the Building


Matt Burns of Ed Vance and Associates explains the design development phase of the Two Summerlin Office Building in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He explains how the neighborhood impacted the building design, as well as the structural system and materials used. He also takes us inside the building and explains the interior finish package.

So this is an exterior rendering of our east elevation, the front of the building, showing the different materials that are used. Most of the three colors that you see here are stained concrete panels. We actually used a form liner on them from U.S. Formliners. That gave us a little different texture between a couple of these colors. But these are our precast concrete panels. They're tinted windows for all the glass and then we have metal channels that are bolted to the outside of the building, a metal canopy as well as some metal sunshades around the majority of the building.

But some of the area was left out, and then the balconies on the south side.

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Duration: 22m