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OAC Meetings

1m 52s

Eric Balogh of The Beck Group talks about the architect’s role during construction & evaluation at the Peachtree Center project in Georgia. He’ll explain RFI’s, submittals, quality assurance & quality control, site visits, and field reports. Get information on the revision process, payout process, and a better understanding of the Punch List process.

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So the OAC is the Owner Architect Contractor meeting, which is essentially where everyone kind of gets together, depending on your contract, generally we meet weekly, sometime biweekly, sometimes it's even monthly depending on the project and how involved the owner is or the architect is in this case. And it's essentially where we all kind of get together, we talk about any issues that are arising with the work, any issues that are arising with the schedule, any kind of delays, change orders, RFIs, metals, it's kind of a catch-all. It sort of keeps everyone up to date on the process, the project, and it's kind of a great place to make sure that everything is being handled appropriately.

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