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Pacific Plaza Park Pavilion Design Iterations

5m 14s

Jon Bailey of HKS - Dallas walks through the Pacific Plaza Park Pavillion the team is working on. He’ll talk structural systems & materials and design iterations. You’ll be walked through how they handled site specific opportunities and site analysis for this public space project.

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Working with the client, they felt like, and the rest of the design team felt like that whenever you looked through the pavilion they still wanted to see a fair amount of park and so this design actually came down onto two abutments on either side and so, while it was very, had a lot of visual connectivity through the pavilion, in certain perspectives it did seem a little bit closed off and so we were asked to look at different ways that we could design the pavilion to touch the ground so that there was more visibility through to the park beyond. So this is where we got the idea of really taking a few touch points, working with a structural engineer, coming up with a few touch points that we could then very fluidly sort of bend down to the ground and create five abutment conditions. From these columns come the secondary structure and there were large 20 inch tubes which started to connect each of the concrete abutments.

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