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Precast Concrete and Weathering Steel Assemblies

4m 34s

Chris Heidrich of JLG dives deep into the Design Development phase of the Grand Forks Regional Water Treatment Plant.  He explains why the building configuration is crucial to the operation of the plant, as well as incorporating industrial size building systems into the project.  He also covers site issues and how the soil conditions impacted the structural design.

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The other material that we utilized and we'll see it in the renderings is actually polycarbonate, and that's at a lime silo storage and lime is, it's a corrosive material, it's not really harsh but we needed to find something that could hold up to that environment and bring light into a showcase space inside of the building, and we actually had that material third party tested to make sure that it could hold up to the environment that it was gonna be exposed to. And that really takes care of it for the assemblies along the way, we wanted to keep it to two or three, really minimal and let the materials and what they wanted to be do the talking for the project. So each one of these is a section through what would be a typical assembly in the building.

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