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Re-Zoning from RG-2 to C-1

3m 12s

Cooper Pierce of Jones Pierce Architects explains the extensive zoning process for the project Villa De Grip in Atlanta.  He begins by giving the zoning history of the site, and walks through the rezoning process. He also talks about zoning overlays and how local requirements impacted the building design.  

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It is a historic neighborhood that has, were right on a corner of a commercial node so you have more commercial properties and then this way you're into the rest of the neighborhood as well as this SPI that is for special interest district which happened to be Freedom Park where the Carter Library is. What we were having to deal with in this project was taking this zoning and changing it to C1 and we actually looked at C1, C2 a mixed use zoning that is MRC to look to re-develop this property. In order to change the zoning we referenced the city of Atlanta comprehensive development plan which these plans generally tell you what the city in conjunction with the neighborhoods have determined future uses for properties.

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