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Reviewing the Site Plan for Opportunities and Constraints

3m 12s

Paulina Wilkowski of Connect Architecture takes us through the preliminary and schematic design phase of a Tesla showroom and parking garage.  She will review the site plan and discuss the opportunities and constraints they faced. She will also discuss what attributes need to be added to the site, as well as the building layout.

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You have this very sloped grade, and you have these railroad tracks that have future development planned for them, and you have proximity to an intersection, so, it kind of starts to limit where you place your curbs, and when your exits and entrances to the building. So, the property lines here, we're gonna build out, the idea is to build out to the property lines. Now, the city has asked that we upgrade the sidewalks as part of our development, which means that our property line needs to be moved back 15 feet from the actual current curb.

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