Slope and Drainage Constraints on Site

1m 22s

Sean Newberry of Ankrom Moisan Architects in Portland gives you a deep dive on how the Worldmark by Wyndham Angels Camp is being updated to meet ADA code. She’ll talk accessibility requirements, environmental constraints, documentation, and detailing. Even get an explanation of the code requirements throughout the whole site as well as individual units.

As you can see in these two plans, the overall, as well as the close-up version of the ramp plan, there is a lot going on on this site. We've got trees, we've got accessible parking, we've got a trench drain, and we have stairs. We did have parking considerations to think about, though, with this site. While the site itself did have the appropriate amount of accessible parking spaces, none of them were adjacent to the units in question, which is inconvenient to say the least for anybody who needs those units and needs those parking spaces. We were tasked with looking at how to incorporate new accessible parking spaces into the parking around this unit.

We were hemmed in on one side by a trench drain that ran the entire width of the parking aisle and parking spaces, as well as the fact that the existing parking spaces sloped much more dramatically than 2010 ADAS would let us have. So we had to preserve the site drainage as well as bring up the pavement, without touching the drain. So what we ended up doing, was we ended up creating a dry swale here, by curbing off where we raised up the pavement, so that no one would accidentally step into the swale.

To make things more difficult, there was a significant drop in elevation between where these parking spaces are, and where the accessible units are. Which created the need to have an accessible path of travel go from the parking, to the units.

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