Steelman Partners Introduction by Paul Steelman

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Paul Steelman, CEO of Steelman Partners, talks about the design considerations for the Solaire Resort and Casino in Manila.  He discusses the importance of the building layout and prioritizing components of the building program. He also explains how the client impacted the design, and how the project being in the Philippines impacted structural decisions.

Hi, my name's Paul Steelman, I'm the CEO of Steelman Partners, based in Las Vegas, Nevada with our offices around the globe, in Macau, People's Republic of China, Zhuhai, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh and Amsterdam in Holland. We are casino architects that specialize in this particular field of building. Today I'm gonna tell you about a little project that we built.It was one million square feet several years ago named Solaire. Not only did we build the project, we came up with the name Solaire.

The project was approximately one million square foot, five hundred room hotel. It had a very large podium, a large parking garage and it was designed to, in fact, be expanded with multiple phases that included multiple hotels on a very very small project. It was located in Manila, on Manila Bay close to the airport and it was on a piece of reclaimed property.

This was just a couple feet of dirt and a seawall between the land and the Pacific Ocean.

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