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Steps Taken to Achieve LEED Certification

4m 19s

George Tracy of Tracy Design Studio walks us through the West University Baptist Church Youth Ministry Building in Houston Texas. He explains how the neighborhood impacted the project and why they had to get a zoning exception and a zoning variances. He also discusses which building systems were chosen with the goal of achieving LEED certification.  

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There are a number of providers that provide green energy now, so in this particular case the church bought the renewable energy credits and then it's at that point it's a matter of finding and utilizing materials that don't off-gas, utilizing pluming fixtures that have a real, real low flush rate and using proximity sensors so you don't turn on and off the faucets and you don't manually flush the toilets, to using sensors for lights so that you're not turning on and off lights, they're doing it for you. All the appliances in the kitchen are extremely high efficiency, they're all energy star rated. So for the most part when you go down the LEED checklist and you look and see what is the key to sustainability, it's really no different than any project.

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