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Steps taken to get a Zoning Variance

3m 42s

George Tracy of Tracy Design Studio walks us through the West University Baptist Church Youth Ministry Building in Houston Texas. He explains how the neighborhood impacted the project and why they had to get a zoning exception and a zoning variances. He also discusses which building systems were chosen with the goal of achieving LEED certification.  

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But to come and have projections from that circular shape, that pick up the form of the neighborhoods, and therefore you see the gabled ends that are protruding in different directions, and those gabled ends have the brick, the same brick that's on the church, but any facility could have brick, and it had stone, which most facilities have stone, and it has a metal roof, which there are facilities in the city that have a metal roof, in fact across the street is the city Public Works Administration and that has a metal roof so, in other words, what we did, is we picked up from the cityscape, the inspiration to design with a residential motif, even though the building is far from residential. And we still had fun with the shapes of the building as it was. We had to keep as many trees as possible, and we had to plant, literally, about 24 trees, and so what we did, is we planted those 24 trees on other church property, and along streets, and in different areas, but that was also mandated as part of the process.

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