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Submittal Process

2m 43s

Jim Viviano of 5G Studio takes us through all phases of Gateway Center II.  He’ll talk about the structural system and materials used, as well as MEP and budgeting considerations. Additionally he will show an example of a RFI, and discuss submittals and revisions.

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It gets reviewed first by the contractor, they make whatever notes they want to make, or things they see, and then they send it to us, and then we look at it, we send it on to our structural engineer and the structural engineer really does most of the heavy lifting on this type of shop drawing because it's all of the stuff that they've designed for the project, all of the structural steel, and details, and connections, and all of those things. So the next page shows that they actually take, and the subcontractor that's doing all of the steel fabricating for the project, they build a BIM model, a 3D model, with all of the structural components, and all of the connections, and all of those things, and it all goes into this, and it ends up being in this case, about a 400 page document of all of the steel components, all the details and everything, that all have to be checked against the design and against our drawings. It's normally, you're looking at sizes, you're looking at lengths, and confirming in heights, and confirming that all of the steel conforms to the design that we've put in place, and that it's all gonna fit, and it's gonna be appropriate.

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