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HKS Chicago - Prince Sattam University Hospital

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Sustainability Issues

1m 33s

Jorge Barrero of HKS takes us through the schematic design phase of Prince Sattam University teaching hospital in Al-Karj, Saudi Arabia.  He will explain how the economical and cultural conditions in Saudi Arabia influenced the building’s design. Additionally he will talk about the building program, budget, and materials used.  

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From a sustainability standpoint, the challenges really had to do with orientation of the building, daylight, solar heat gain, looking at your prevailing winds to start to incorporate any passive strategies into your building, access to waters primarily done through deep wells that run underneath the sites. And, more often than not, large projects like these require their own well of water to run, pretty much, portable water that's filtered, as well as any water that's needed to run any mechanical systems. There was a lot to consider and we put a fair amount of effort in studying the site and try to understand how the building would be oriented because that directly translate into the building envelope.

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HKS Chicago - Prince Sattam University Hospital

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