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Testing What Program Will Fit Based on the Structural System

2m 14s

Ann Phillips of Quinn Evans Architects talks adaptive reuse and guidelines for a project in Detroit, MI. She’ll go into site analysis, fire ratings, and everything involved in this adaptive reuse project.

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So, what actually before we move into the bubble diagram of laying out the building, it's really understanding what is the building, what's its structural system, and what is the building telling us it wants to be? So what is the dimension of the column grid, what can we fit in terms of not only units in this case, but also parking, and also amenities, other amenities that tenants may want, such as an exercise facility, or perhaps having commercial on the first floor. So once you get a full understanding of what the building is, and sort of what it wants, so to speak, then you move into really analyzing what can we fit within the building structure, within its shell, and what can we sort of push, structurally, we go through all these different testings to figure out, can the slab hold more, if we wanted to build up, could the slab hold more.

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