The Beck Group Introduction By Eric Balogh


Eric Balogh of The Beck Group talks about the architect’s role during construction & evaluation at the Peachtree Center project in Georgia. He’ll explain RFI’s, submittals, quality assurance & quality control, site visits, and field reports. Get information on the revision process, payout process, and a better understanding of the Punch List process.

Hi, my name's Eric Balogh, I'm an architect for The Beck Group here in Atlanta, Georgia. The interesting about The Beck Group is we're actually an integrated firm, meaning that we have design and construction services under one roof. I'm here to talk to you about the Peachtree Center renovation project right in the heart of Downtown Atlanta. Peachtree Center is a nearly 60-year-old John Portman building incorporating four towers, a plaza space, and a mall. Our project seeks to modernize and make the plaza space, as well as the mall, more inviting to the nearly 12 million visitors it sees every year.

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Duration: 54m