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Using Views to Determine Building Orientation

3m 39s

Russell Buchanan of Buchanan Architecture walks us through the schematic design phase of his residential project in Crested Butte, CO.  He discusses the importance of capitalizing on views and solar orientation, and how they influenced the building layout. He also sketches out a bubble diagram to illustrate the spatial and functional relationships as well as the structural grid.

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This is a view to the north and as you can see, it is a vista that is actually quite far away and what we've decided is, an important aspect of the north orientation is not so much the view but to capture north light. And then finally to the west, is a beautiful sunset view, but that has to be balanced with the impact of the hot Sun late in the afternoon. So we've decided in this project to focus instead on east and south, some light from the north, and really no views to the west.

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