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Vetting Subcontractors

2m 17s

Eric Balogh of The Beck Group talks about the architect’s role during construction & evaluation at the Peachtree Center project in Georgia. He’ll explain RFI’s, submittals, quality assurance & quality control, site visits, and field reports. Get information on the revision process, payout process, and a better understanding of the Punch List process.

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Traditionally, in a design-bid-build situation, you're helping the owner select a general contractor and the general contractor is then going out and actually doing the subcontractor selection. As part of the design build process, the contractor and the architect have a relationship prior to this phase so really when you get to the construction beginning, you're actually more looking at the subcontractors. Everything from have they done similar work, are they qualified financially or do they have the money to be able to this, do they have the manpower, are they too busy?

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