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Water Treatment Plant Building Configuration

4m 3s

Chris Heidrich of JLG dives deep into the Design Development phase of the Grand Forks Regional Water Treatment Plant.  He explains why the building configuration is crucial to the operation of the plant, as well as incorporating industrial size building systems into the project.  He also covers site issues and how the soil conditions impacted the structural design.

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Now we're dealing with three floors so this is the basement, and primarily what we're seeing is the bottom of water basins, so you'll see that there's not a lot of doors into those spaces, that's because it's essentially equivalent to a big swimming pool, along the way it's just filled with water that's somewhere along the way in the treatment process. This about mid-span, the water actually comes into the building at the west side and goes through these tanks or these tanks down here, and ends up as crystal-clear drinkable water at the other side. The basement doesn't have too much going on but there is a lot of pipe and pumps and things along the way.

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