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Water Treatment Specialty Systems

1m 41s

Chris Heidrich of JLG dives deep into the Design Development phase of the Grand Forks Regional Water Treatment Plant.  He explains why the building configuration is crucial to the operation of the plant, as well as incorporating industrial size building systems into the project.  He also covers site issues and how the soil conditions impacted the structural design.

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And every room or space planned for this project has a major piece of equipment inside of it, and they all do different things along the way, primarily geared at removing sediment from the project, and then as we move along, further into the treatment process it becomes more of a chemically treated process, where there's injection streams and everything to get that final drinkable, pure water along the way. So if we're looking at the floor plan you'll see these grayed out dashed lines here. Those are al major pieces of equipment, a lot of them look like paddles that turn very slowly through the water, and actually get sediment to drop out, and then they scrape it and it goes into a pipe and it's dealt with in what they call a sludge line.

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