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Sara Beardsley of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill takes you inside the Willow Creek Community Church, a 72,000 square foot worship facility in Illinois. She’ll walk you through how the team is using EIFS amongst other specifics. Watch along as animations bring her explanations of joists, trusses, and columns to life.   

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But I think the two main reasons were: cost, it is a very economical material, and also sustainability, because with EIFS it is a light material and you're able to get a lot of exterior continuous insulation on the EIFS system. This system actually has four inches of insulation in it which exceeds what you need to do by minimum energy code. So we were able to really maximize the the R-value of the building, and we were able to get a look that was like kind of the old fashioned stucco and that was what we were going for.

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