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Why Lighting Should be Considered Early On

2m 9s

Jim Viviano of 5G Studio takes us through all phases of Gateway Center II.  He’ll talk about the structural system and materials used, as well as MEP and budgeting considerations. Additionally he will show an example of a RFI, and discuss submittals and revisions.

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There's substitutions, there's long lead times on some light fixtures, and I think, as architects, we tend to think about building structure, and finishes, and all of those things, and then the lighting sometimes lags behind, but it's really important to get the lighting, to start thinking about the lighting, start talking to the electrical engineers, the lighting designers, all of those people, in order to get that information quickly, because it does require a long period of time for the fixtures to be ordered, manufactured, there's lead times, there's shipment delays, back orders, all those things that really affect a project and affect the project opening on time. And sometimes, you have to, at the last minute, make a substitution to grab a fixture that is off the shelf, that can be put in place for the building to be built and opened in time. And we've had some of those challenges on this project.

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