Youth Ministry Building Structural System

1m 54s

George Tracy of Tracy Design Studio walks us through the West University Baptist Church Youth Ministry Building in Houston Texas. He explains how the neighborhood impacted the project and why they had to get a zoning exception and a zoning variances. He also discusses which building systems were chosen with the goal of achieving LEED certification.  

Structural system basic. Concrete slab over drilled piers. Structural steel frame. Load bearing steel stud walls and non load bearing steel stud walls. Steel beam and heavy corrugated rib deck. Concrete fill for the second floor. Five inch total thickness. Roof structure is bar joist and metal deck. Insulation on the low slope portions is what's called polyisocyanurate and the insulation on the sloping portions of the ceiling is actually polyisocyanurate with a plywood surface.

The intent is to expose the underside of all the structure and so that's why those particular systems were used. Metal standing seam metal roofing.

And a single ply membrane roof. It's white, very reflective and the natural galvalume finish on the standing seam metal roof is also highly reflective. It helps with the leed as well.

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